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Next Gen Chips of ASICMiner

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PR & Communications
We understand that transparency and communication to shareholders and the public needs improvement. We are in the process of identifying a dedicated employee for this. We will issue bi-weekly reports for shareholders and improve response time for questions.

Next Gen Chips
The projected time of taping out of Gen3 is January 20. Power consumption target estimation is <0.2W per G on low power mode and <0.2$ per G on wafer cost. Please notice that the timeline is of course subject to change/adjust, and the estimation on power and cost is also based on software tool/simulation results.

Current Hardware Sales
The number of cubes left for sale/deployment is 9000. About 1/3 are ordered already. All older devices (USBs/new blades) are sold out.

If nothing unexpected happens, Ukyo will provide a shareholder list to Friedcat on Dec 1, for direct shares.

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